The Aurelian Arts Therapeutic Mobile Massage

These hands are made to heal the art of self.

About the Practice

I am a philosopher of the abstract.  The human body is my canvass and my hands are the brush strokes to healing the art of self.  I specialize in therapeutic, with an added twist.  I'm in no means to make these sessions feel just relaxing but to make you feel whole again.  Therapeutic is one that heals your troubled mind and body;  relaxation is one that sedates.  Therapeutic art is represented through my love and leisure activity in the arts and music.


The vision of The Aurelian Arts is to help those who seek the need to mend the art of physical self through its three mission statements in therapeutic massage and touch.

  • To listen: The art of listening is to acknowledge and to understand one's pain and suffering. It is to become acquainted with one and one's own body, to know one's story, and lend support in any way best suited to mend a broken temple.
  • To create: The art of creativity is breaking down old barriers and recreating a celebrated and honorable vessel, the temple of one's self. That which is created can be destroyed within. Prevention and care from respectful and loving physical support will slow, and possibly halt, the destruction of self.
  • To heal: The art of healing is to let go of what was and embrace what is. Worship and praise the temple in which one was created in and elevate one to a level of recovery and acceptance.



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